Cabinet launches

We’re happy to announce the launch of, the official home of all things Conan the Barbarian!

Cabinet Entertainment founder and CEO Fredrik Malmberg had this to say, about the launch of the brand new website:

It usually starts with finding out about this great character, Conan. Whether that’s from a novel, a computer game, or comic book, or a film – it’s clear that there’s so much more to this character. Robert E. Howard created a rich world that Conan lives in, and I envy those who meet the Cimmerian for the first time, and get to explore it, no matter which medium. With millions of fans around the planet, we thought it was way overdue that we coordinate our own social media output. Knowing what is in the works, we are all going to be in for a treat.

Read more about the new website in the announcement post over at will cover all things Conan, from games and comics, to books, TV, and movies. Coverage won’t stop there though, will be home for all things Robert E. Howard. Fans shouldn’t miss the bi-weekly newsletter, which won’t stop at keeping subscribers up to date on Conan news, but also offer freebies and sweepstaks on a regular basis. Sign up at

This will truly be the year of the Cimmerian.