The world's most famous barbarian.

One of the most universally recognizable iconic figures in modern popular culture, Conan was born from the creative genius of pulp fiction author Robert E. Howard. The tales of Conan forged the creation of a new genre of writing: Sword and Sorcery. Conan’s epic adventures feature dramatic battles with formidable foes and liaisons with wanton women, as the world’s most famous barbarian quests to become King.

Wildly popular for over seventy years, Conan continues to captivate fans worldwide. He boasts an incredible 95% target audience awareness in males 17-34. His vast media and merchandise empire spans feature films, television, videogames, comic book series, worldwide publishing, collectibles, toys, apparel and much more.

Conan’s reign continues today in a vast array of entertainment categories:

Online Games

May 2018 saw the full launch of Funcom’s sandbox survival game “Conan Exiles”, which is the company’s fastest- and best-selling games to date.

Scheduled for release in Q2 2019 is “Conan Unconquered”, a strategy game in the brutal and savage world of Conan.

Funcom’s MMO “Age of Conan” was the #1 PC title upon its release and celebrates 11 years in May 2019.


The world of Conan is also well-suited for paper gaming. Some incartations are a strategy board game by Ares Games and Munchkin Conan from Steve Jackson Games.

In 2015 Monolith/Asmodee launched the most successful Kickstarter board campaign at the time, bringing in over $5M. In addition to the base game and over 15 miniature supplements, three large expansions have been released, and two more are planned for 2019.

Modiphius Entertainment released a a new paper RPG in 2017 with over 15 products in the line to date and more in development.

Shinobi 7 are in development of a stand-alone board game as well as a card game.

Comic Publishing

Conan has an extensive publishing program, initially with Marvel Comics by from the 1970’s through the 1990’s, with Dark Horse Comics between 2003 and 2018.

As of 2019 Conan is back with Marvel Comics, and will have three monthly comic book lines in addition to crossovers with the Marvel Universe.

Classic Films

Two major motion pictures featuring the iconic legend Arnold Schwarzenegger: Conan the Barbarian (1982) and Conan the Destroyer (1984). Conan returned to the big screen in 2011 with a motion picture from Millennium Films/Lionsgate with Jason Momoa.

Global Publishing

Original Conan stories and derivative works have been translated and published continuously for decades in large parts of the world.

In 2018 Cabinet launched its own imprint Perilous Worlds, which will bring back select stories currently out of print as well as creating new, exciting adventures.

Conan is untamed, unchained, and ready for action!

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