Perilous Worlds: The New Sci-Fi & Fantasy Publisher

New York, NYCabinet Licensing has inked a deal with the Re-Naissance Agency to launch Perilous Worlds, a new sci-fi & fantasy imprint with a mission to create immersive adventure books for gamers and fans of SFF TV and film, as well as avid genre fiction readers. 

Perilous Worlds’ primary titles will be set in the IP universes owned by Cabinet Licensing, including Conan the Barabarian, Mutant Year Zero, Solomon Kane, Kult, and many others. They will work closely with Cabinet Licensing’s partners, including Marvel, Amazon Studios, and video game developer Funcom, to create transmedia universes and storylines across books, comics, films, TV, role-playing games (RPGs), and videogames.

Laurie Blum Guest will oversee Perilous Worlds as Publisher, expanding the boundaries of well known series, such as Conan, and gaming universes, such as Mutant Year Zero and Kult, by opening them up to diverse new voices. In addition, Blum Guest intends to release original fiction, with a special focus on sword & sorcery, heroic fantasy, weird fiction, science fiction, and horror.

Perilous Worlds, will unveil its opening list of books at its official launch at the Frankurt Book Fair, in October. Some of the authors already signed on to the new publishing house include acclaimed American science fiction and fantasy writers Michael Stackpole (Star Wars, BattleTech), Matt Forbeck (author, Halo: New Blood and RPG creator, Mutant Chronicles, Deadlands), and John C. Hocking (Conan and the Emerald Lotus).


Fredrik Malmberg is the founder of Cabinet Licensing, which owns the rights to many SFF IP’s, the most famous of which is Conan the Barbarian, as created by Robert E. Howard. Other properties include, Kull, Solomon Kane, and the game properties Mutant Year Zero, Mutant Chronicles, and Kult. For more information, please visit


Laurie Blum Guest is the founder of the Re-Naissance Agency, providing book-packaging and sales and transmedia marketing services to publishers and game creators in the sci-fi & fantasy, children’s, and literary genres. For more information, please visit

Perilous Worlds will be exhibiting at the Frankfurt Book Fair, October 10-14th, 2018 (Hall 6.1, Stand E77). Contact Perilous Worlds directly at [email protected] or visit their website: