Perilous Worlds Welcomes New Publisher

Los Angeles, CA – April 11th, 2019

Perilous Worlds, the transmedia publisher launched by Cabinet Entertainment, is pleased to announce Pierce Watters as the new Consulting Publisher. Pierce has been in book publishing since 1974. He has much experience in books, magazines, and games. His book experience runs the gamut from sales, having worked for several New York houses, to editing, Senior Book Editor for Planet Stories, co-edited “The Hogben Chronicles” with F. Paul Wilson with an introduction by Neil Gaiman, and writing (“Chinese Tea”). In magazines, he was Publisher of Dragon magazine and Dungeon magazine, as well as Executive Editor of Amazing Stories (the world’s oldest science fiction magazine) at Wizards of the Coast, Editor-in-chief of Dragon and Dungeon at TSR, and Founding Editor of Internal Arts Magazine. He has also great experience in sales and circulation. In games, he started at TSR in 1995, then on to Wizards of the Coast, and is currently the Director of Sales for Paizo Inc.

“Building on Robert E. Howard, one of the most famous names in publishing history, Perilous Worlds is poised to become a leader in the world of 21st century publishing. It’s a new world and with modern media and technology, we want to help shape the future of story telling,” says Pierce Watters.

Pierce is a great fit for Perilous Worlds, and its breadth of IPs and transmedia projects. The plethora of IPs from Cabinet Entertainment range from Conan the Barbarian and Solomon Kane, to Mutant Year Zero and Kult, to name a few.

Fredrik Malmberg, founder and CEO of Cabinet Entertainment, had this to say: “Pierce brings a massive experience to our team. His vast knowledge of worldbuilding and expertise in fantasy and science fiction is unique and he is also a lovable person with an eclectically curated Facebook feed.”

For more information, contact Pierce Watters at +425-289-9993, or email [email protected].

Perilous Worlds is Cabinet Entertainment’s brand for books, games, and merchandise, adding to the range of products in the marketplace available from its licensee partners. For more information, please visit

Cabinet Entertainment, founded by Fredrik Malmberg, owns many SFF IPs, the most famous of which being Conan the Barbarian, created by Robert E. Howard. Other properties include Kull, Solomon Kane, and the gaming properties Mutant Year Zero, Mutant Chronicles, and Kult. For more information, please visit